So what makes me the expert, and why should you listen to me?

Adam Thorp - The brand chap

I need to point out, I don’t know all the answers, but I do know quite a few

20+ years working as a Leading Creative in Advertising, Brand Building and Marketing and Business Growth gives me ‘REAL’ knowledge of what makes a powerful business growth solution.

Passion for Developing Brands

The power to Catapult Brand…

Since I started focusing increasingly on brand rather than merely design, I’ve been fascinated with the power it holds within.

Over the years I’ve managed to ‘Bottle’ this ‘Gas’ developing an easy to follow process lifting the lid on how the ‘Big Players’ manipulate their brands and thus their consumers too.

Having great design and marketing is a good start, but if you can combine the Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Vision you need to generate a ‘Brand’, you’ll be creating something extraordinary.

Passion for Inspirational Business

Make your business ‘Shine’…

Let’s face it. There’s already too many ‘Me-To’ businesses out there all competing for the same customers and usually all supplying relatively generic products and services.

I believe we can be different by creating Brand & Marketing Strategies that not only lift my client’s businesses to the next level but ‘Catapult’ them beyond our wildest dreams.

I regularly interview clients and customers, and one of the repeating comments that come back is ‘He’s just so inspirational…”  This inspiration is a fundamental part of what I do and the reason behind the results I achieve.

Passion for Success

I don’t do recessions…

I love success stories and love it when people do well especially when there’s a tale of overcoming adversity thrown in for good measure.

It’s true that Business Growth can sometimes fall into our laps, but why wait for that!  I’m a believer in shaping our ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Manipulating Luck’.

I don’t know one of my clients that’s ‘Made it Big’ that still doesn’t work hard, push themselves, continually learn and refuse to stand still.

9 times out of 10 success is a result of repeatedly ‘Getting it Right’, tirelessly ‘Learning when it goes Wrong’, and continually ‘Striving to be Better’.

Luck has very little to do with it!  We create our Success.

Passion for Passion

Loving what you do is not an option…

At this moment in time when adversity seems to be at every turn, work with people who share that ‘Can Do’ attitude and power-on regardless is a privilege.

We all started out in business driven by a passion to achieve something specific.  That could be wealth, invention, life choice, there are just too many ‘drivers’ to mention. The commonality between them all is there was ‘Passion’.

Over the years this ‘Passion’ might reduce, the day to day involvement reduces our ‘Love’ for what we do, and that’s a real shame.

Being passionate about your business or service is a crucial driver behind creating success.  It’ll generate more energy around you, this energy is infectious and is a fundamental differentiator between ‘Good’ and ‘Great’.

Passion is key to me; maybe it should be for you too.


Thanks for your time…

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