Board Member – Brand Director

If you’ve got a board, (or virtual board), then you’ve probably already got a sales director and marketing director. What you possibly won’t have is a brand director or chief branding officer.

Don’t panic, you’re not on your own, but think about the biggest brands in the world; the clue is in what you’ve already read. Yes, they’ll all have a senior person who is the guardian of the brand, and not only that, they’ll be a significant part of the decision making process; after all, brand is increasingly vital and has a place in a lot of the big decisions together. Seasoned brand directors do not grow on trees; they’re highly sought after and expensive to hire. Their mix of skills is truly unique due to the scope of knowledge needed to understand the many elements and moving parts of an organisation. Adam makes it possible for you to have these skills and knowledge on your board and in your business for a fraction of the cost; and for those that aspire to hire full-time, then he’s the perfect introduction to what you can achieve if you embrace this world.

Is it time to get brand on your board?