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25+ years consulting with business owners and senior leaders, while facilitating the creation and development of hundreds of brands, Adam is frequently asked to speak at events to varied audiences.

His expertise and wisdom coupled with his creative and straight-shooting style make him an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker for almost any business event. Adam pulls from vast experience and outcomes explicitly tailored to his clients’ specific needs, opportunities, and challenges; alongside his formidable futurist mindset which can be visionary, to say the least.

Adam could talk for hours on the specifics of brand, marketing, and how it increasingly affects business; however, he prefers audience dialogue to “Waffle”, making his sessions interactive and valuable in a truly hands-on way. Many can speak about the theory of this field, while Adam rolls his sleeves up (literally on stage) and has the additional ability to unpick complex scenarios that affect businesses there and then.

While his knowledge, expertise, and advice are always on-point, what truly sets him apart from others is his ability to understand the emotional journeys we are all on; especially those of us who are business owners or senior leaders.

Adam’s heightened emotional awareness allows him to speak passionately about his own journey, creating instant trust and empathy with an entire room. It’s those quick deep connections that can make his sessions so powerful and memorable.

If your audience has any interest in brand, marketing, or business, Adam will bring a refreshingly challenging and entertaining approach to your event, that will remain with the audience for a long time to come.  

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