Paying for GoogleAds? STOP!

We’re not saying GoogleAds don’t have a place in a digital strategy but, we are saying that you might well be paying for traffic that you don’t want, or could equally get in a different more cost-effective way.

You see, with GoogleAds, once you’ve paid for the traffic, the fee is taken, and the link is removed. To get any more traffic, you have to pay for your link to be displayed again, and so it continues…

This can work depending on the profitability of the service and product you sell, the conversion rates once you get a visitor to your site, and how well you’re set up to re-market and up-sell to that visitor once they’ve cost you for their visit.

With SearchBooster the activity you pay for creates a host of solutions that stay in place, continually and collectively creating an ever-increasing stockpile of links and activity that will work for you even when you stop using our services… It’s like a bank account of potential FREE activity.

So if you’re paying for GoogleAds already or are just about to start, it’s probably worth a chat don’t you think?


RESULTS: Google £1600 vs SearchBooster £795

Based on the results you’ve already seen that we can achieve, we want to show you what a potential client (that decided ‘not’ to work with us) is paying Google per month for their traffic since Jan 2017.

They are now VERY interested in coming on-board to see what we can do organically, which will still generate the traffic, whilst also generating longterm digital assets, resources and strategies that build month on month, surpassing what GoogleAds could ever offer them, and working towards never having to pay them a penny again.

Stop paying for Google Ads

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It ultimatley depends on where you’re upto in your thinking…

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