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Grab your competitors digital data, and use it to your advantage…
Find specific errors with your website that Google doesn’t like…
See how you rate socially against your competition…
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Other Agencies might charge you £1500 for a similar report without even making any recommendations!  With us, you get detailed feedback and a human giving you advice.

What’s included Battlefield £395+VAT Battlefield+ £795+VAT
Find out where you are sitting in comparison to your competitors.
Finding competitors you didn’t even know were there!
See the Keywords Google thinks your site is about (do they match what you want Google to see?)
Tech tweaks and changes you can make to your website to make sure Google like it a whole lot more.
How you compare socially to your competitor’s social size, post frequency, and the levels of activity they’re achieving.
At the end a report, one of our ‘Humans’ will talk you through our findings!
Optimised Keywords and phrases that you could use to improve the search position of your website and also across your social media channels, Youtube descriptions, blogs and more…
Improve ‘Click Through Rates’ – Meta-data and Page Titles that will work harder than ever before.
An optimised site re-structure that, if implemented, will enable search bots and humans alike to better understand your site’s content. You’ll be more likely to get shown in search results and, your users are more likely to find the content they’re looking for

Implement the tweaks and use the data yourself or let us do it for you

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Ongoing SEO analysis, report, action, & advice

What’s included Starter
Ongoing reporting, so you can see what affect our work is having, and what your competitors are up to
A video report explaining the work that has been carried out, what affect it has had and, what the next point of action is
Ongoing Maintenance. Have problems with your site removed as they occur.
Keep up to date with search engine requirements. As Google and the link change their ranking methods, get the info you need to keep you up the rankings.
We’ll only work with YOU! Considering part of the offering is to monitor your competition, it would be just ‘rude’ to work with your competitors too!
Schedule optimised content. Find topics and keywords that will get you traffic, plan your content and when to take it live.
Tailor a solution to your business. Get all of our services in a unique setup that works best with your staff and resourses. Starting at £445. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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