Project: Rebrand

Brief: Despite reaching the heights of becoming one of the leading stove and fireplace showrooms in their area, the business owners wanted to reposition and expand their offering while increasing their geographical reach.  After a lot of careful thought and consideration, we agreed that a rename, rebrand and additional strategic positioning work would help them achieve their goal in a safe and processed way.

Fact is, we understand the delicate nature of rebranding something that’s already working. There’s a unique and subtle ballet that needs to be achieved at every stage that embraces the rich historical value contained within the old image, whilst ensuring all the new brand and business goals are targeted. Once you’ve got that all perfectly balanced comes the ability to wrap and present the offering to the slightly widened target audience in a manner that’s solid enough to feel established while current enough to feel on-trend to those that need to feel that confidence.

Once the strategic and aesthetic had taken shape, and everyone liked the direction it was taking, we also helped the client visualise other elements they’d need to roll-out and launch across multiple touch-points. Stationary, Marketing, Social, Signage, Vehicles, paperwork, print, packaging etc.

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