SEO professionals with the ‘Human Touch’

We pride ourselves as search professionals, marketeers, brand strategists and ‘humans’ before we look at what technology to partner with and trust.

As you might be aware this stuff isn’t easy to do, the software helps, but it certainly doesn’t think like a human or one of your customers.

If you don’t manage to point the software in the right direction, you’ll still get data, it’ll just be off-piste and a dangerous set of data to react to.

Even if you manage to point it in the right direction, the correct data, read and reacted to incorrectly, can cause you more problems than you started with!

That’s why we rarely take the data at face value and act on it. We know what data to collect, what to ignore, what to hone in on, and what ultimately to do with it based on your actual business goals, and how that aligns itself with what your ‘human’ customers are searching for.


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