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SearchBooster from The Brand Chap

Without understanding the digital battlefield you’re in, how do you know how to win…

It’s amazing how many organisations set up a website, create content, post on social media and think they’re doing a great job! It’s a little worrying!

It’s great that they’re doing stuff, but without knowing truly what they should be doing to get the WIN it’s simply noise generation and a lot of guessing!  That’s great if ‘they’ are your competitors, but not so great if it’s you!

Keep on reading to find out how and why we could make a definitive step change in how you behave digitally to achieve the results you’ve never known were possible.

Come on, it’ll be enlightening…

See the fight you’re already in…

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Fighting a battle without understanding your competitors is madness…

The problem with almost every other search company is that they only tell you about ‘your’ stuff, they probably look at the bigger world from a blinkered and non-human tech angle, and almost certainly don’t utilise your direct competitor’s own data against them!

We’ll let you know how your competitors are doing in comparison to you, how they’re are achieving their rankings, use their own weaknesses against them and over time build strategies and activities that can leave them in the dust.


SEO Content

Are you a content ‘god’ already?

If you’re already creating content on a regular basis or have an archive of content online, then this might be the most important few paragraphs you’ll ever read!

How hard is that content actually working or you?

Yes, we’ve all heard that content is king these days, but it’s madness to create reams of it, blindly guessing what might rank, what people are actually interested in. Estimating what page length, structure, keyword/phrase, meta-data and page tiles would work best to get it actually found.

That said, you may well be pointing your existing audience directly to it, but why wouldn’t you want to hone it ever so slightly to make it work far harder for you on the wider web; bringing an increasingly larger audience to your doorstep.


Search ‘Cowboys’ already put you off?

We know you might not understand the power of search…

You tried doing it yourself and decided it’s a load of rubbish,

You simlply think it’s not for you,

You’ve been burnt before by a search-cowboy previously!

If you’re in any of these camps, then we think you might be wrong…

Have a look below and see if anything we’re saying touches you or makes you think. We’re ultimately here to help your business, your customers and ultimately your goals in life.


Affecting your brand at a deeper level

Imagine if you could understand how to use the data and results to affect more than just your digital strategy!

Imagine how that might translate back up the chain, into a deeper understanding of your audience, proposition, positioning, language and offering as a business and a brand across the board.

Well, we think this stuff is so important that we now recommend it in every brand creation and development project we do in the other arms of our business, irrelevant whether it’s a start-up or existing entity.

It’s fundamental to understanding what is going on ‘out there’, what your competitors are up to, and what your potential customers are searching for.

This also goes wider than the products and services they’re looking for but spans what language they’re using, what ‘pain’ they want to be solved, what solution they need or which brand to connect with.


Getting your brand found

We don’t need to manage your website to help…

Contrary to popular belief (mostly generated by web and search providers), we don’t have to build you a new website or currently manage your existing one to improve your search ranking.

In fact, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what’s possible with what you already have in place right now.

We can work with most of the popular platforms and have been known to be able to positively affect hand-coded websites too.

You don’t even have to panic if you’ve fallen foul of a rouge web-designer; we can help there too.

Even if you haven’t fallen out with your current web provider, then we feel it’s always a good idea to use an external company to give you an honest and professional heads-up, after-all if they were doing a great job in this department already, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you!


Bringing it all together…

You might not realise, but all the digital platforms are increasingly talking to one another, sharing your data, increasing the possibilities for you and your competition to make a substantial digital network that works together strategically.

If you’re not aware of this you’re miles behind already, if you are and attempting to link it yourself without the proper knowledge, you’re probably wasting valuable time and resource.

Let us help you join the dots and link it all up to create a digital search powerhouse to increase your chances of winning more battles and possibly even the search war.

Website     Facebook     Youtube     Local Search     Linkedin


Social Search Optimisation

How big is your digital footprint

You might not be aware of how big your digital search footprint actually is.  There’s possibly lots of references to you and your organisation already out there in the digital world… And some could be wrong, outdated or being manipulated by your competitors!

Are all of them correct?

Are all of them working for you?

Are some actually damaging you?

We can help you locate, amend, remove and improve these, ensuring that they’re all working for you and towards your goals.


Search Footprint

Search optimisation software

Our geeks know which buttons to press!

Using cutting-edge software whilst monitoring your site, search, social and much more isn’t an easy thing to do, and because the tech is always changing the tools we use also have to.

We use industry-level software, tools and tech to monitor and feed us the data we use to make the decisions, guide our work and make recommendations


The ‘Human Touch’

We pride ourselves as search professionals, marketeers, brand strategists and ‘humans’ before we look at what technology to partner with and trust.

As you might be aware this stuff isn’t easy to do, the software helps, but it certainly doesn’t think like a human or one of your customers.

If you don’t manage to point the software in the right direction, you’ll still get data, it’ll just be off-piste and a dangerous set of data to react to.

Even if you manage to point it in the right direction, the correct data, read and reacted to incorrectly, can cause you more problems than you started with!

That’s why we rarely take the data at face value and act on it. We know what data to collect, what to ignore, what to hone in on, and what ultimately to do with it based on your actual business goals, and how that aligns itself with what your ‘human’ customers are searching for.


Search Professionals

RESULTS: Increasing Organic traffic by… 1774%

WOW… Now that’s a great result isn’t it? How would you feel if we could generate you a similar one?

1 month traffic increase

Don’t get us wrong, not everyone can achieve such staggering results straight away, but it’s actually not that uncommon depending on what we find and your appetite to tackle it.

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RESULTS: By 1 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month

A lot of Search Agencies talk a good game and then deliver nothing!  So here’s a quick selection of results we’ve achieved for numerous ‘one-off’ and ‘ongoing’ clients alike.  It’s all 100% genuine data and the results speak for themselves.

1 month SEO results

What’s possible within a month of implementing some key changes.

6 months SEO results

What’s possible within 6 months working on numerous activities.

1 year SEO results

12 months of constant growth including learning the natural drops in sector interest; allowing us to strategise and suggest additional activity and campaigns for the following year.


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RESULTS: Green lights across the board 🙂

Month on month we study, listen, learn and tweak.  Making your site, your content, your structure and lots of other things work together, harder, faster, tighter.

Notice, all this is possible without Paid-Traffic… Interesting isn’t it?


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