Golf Course Branding – Carus Green Golf Club

Project: Rebrand, Styling, Signage, Print, Photography

Brief: The Local golf club who was planning the redevelopment of their entire site to create a state-of-the-art facility, not only for the local community to enjoy but in the hope that a wider audience of new visitors both holidaymakers and golfers from the North West of the country and beyond would come and discover all the venue had to offer.

We were brought in early on in the discussions, but it took ourselves challenging the initial brief of as subtle tidy up of the original logo (that had been produced by the local printer), for the client to understand the power and relevance of what a full rebrand could offer them in the way of positioning. After all, they were about to spend millions on the facility, it would have been crazy not to have aligned the brand, styling and marketing to the same high specification and inspirational creativity.

The rebrand that we created has subtle and beautiful resonance with elements of the old logotype, purely as a tipping of the hat to the old course, the existing membership and ultimately its heritage. The new branding successfully paints a picture of elements of the venue as well as the CG that makes the name.

Once the rebrand had been settled on, we focused on the sub-brands for different types of membership and various areas within the complex. We also created sales and marketing collateral to help drive custom, internal and external signage and subtle yet powerful branding across entire course and pro shop.

It was a privilege to work with the team at Carus Green on this project, and it continues to be a venue we use on a monthly basis.


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